Jim Duthie is a Urological Surgeon committed to leading edge, patient focussed care.

With sub-specialty expertise in prostate cancer and benign prostate hyperplasia treatments, a range of General Urology services, and post-graduate training in Psychology and Human Nutrition, Jim offers a unique and holistic approach to Urosurgical treatment. Jim is a Fellowship trained Robotics surgeon, performs the Urolift procedure, and has over a decades experience in HoLEP laser surgery. He is a medical advisor to both the Prostate Cancer Foundation of New Zealand and Testicular Cancer NZ.

" Prostate cancer treatment must be tailored to the individual. There is no single best approach. A man’s diagnosis, circumstances, and personal values all need to be considered. "

Treatment of conditions relating to the urinary tract and male reproductive organs.

Treatment of lower urinary tract symptoms in men. Often embarrassing for men, avoiding diagnosis and treatment can lead to lasting harm.

Affecting one in eight New Zealand men, early diagnosis and a full discussion of treatment options with an experienced specialist are key.